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About Us

CRYO-TECH INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LIMITED is a brand name which unites a group of experienced specialists, innovators, technicians in the sphere of CRYOGENIC EQUIPMENTS, GAS CYLINDERS and PRESSURE TANKS.

Our purpose
Implementation of global experience and technologies at Customer enterprises related to production and transportation of cryogenic gases, LNG and alternative energy sources. Reinforcement of company position as the best complex solutions provider: elaboration of technical solution, engineering, supply of equipment, construction & assembly works, commissioning, guarantee service and maintenance. Gradual, successful accomplishment of set assignments in projects aimed at ensuring main business targets: time and money saving, achieving a high level of quality.
Our tools
We exploit our own longstanding experience in various industries that is we always determine problematic areas of a specific technical solution objectively and in detail. Our company specialists improve their qualifications on a permanent basis and gain experience in collaboration of world leading manufacturers, which allows implementation of advanced solutions at Customer enterprises.

Guarantee of successful accomplishment
Leading specialists in the sphere, tried out and cost-effective technical solutions, risk modelling and risk management, performing turnkey works, longstanding experience enable us to guarantee successful accomplishment of a project at all its stages.
What technologies do we implement?
Analyzing global solutions in the sector of production and transportation of cryogenic gases equipment and LNG equipment, we find and implement the best solutions of world manufacturers whose quality has been verified by time and proved by high reputation. In most cases technical solutions are unique and due to abundant theoretical and practical experience of our specialists are realized easily in accordance with a certain technical task from the Customer.
Who are our partners?
Our company success is based on high requirements to quality system, management of production processes and always-stable quality of product. That is why the best world manufacturers of cylinders, cryogenic equipments and equipment for pressure vessels have become our partners. 
Depending on specific needs of your project we create an energy-efficient solution due to which Customer enterprise operates flawlessly meanwhile our engineering team is available for support and trouble-shooting any time required. We pay thorough attention to requests and requirements, analyze end-targets of projects and means of their achievement and only afterwards we give answers to Customer questions. Do we know the recipe for success? Sure! It would be sufficient to combine congruously a high level of technical expertise, engineering skills, a modern way of managing projects, attention to the Customer, integrity and belief in our ideas in order to obtain a reliable and productive partner and assistant –CRYO-TECH INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LIMITED.